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our goals

School Program
  • 68 schools
  • 80 kids per day
  • $2500 per month

The School Program developed by Dr. Jim Birong has historically been supported entirely by donations. The School Program pays for classrooms of children from 9 different schools in Pignon and 68 total schools in the area, to be screened for an assessment of dental needs and rescheduled for treatment. The School Program financial support  of $2500 per month covers the screening, dental treatment, and the salary of the doctor treating the children.

Funding for the School Program ended March 2020


  • x-rays
  • routine supplies

The dental clinic finds itself turning away paying patients due to the lack of supplies. It takes an entire day's journey over the mountains of rural Haiti to reach Port au Prince - where the nearest dental supply store is located. Prices are extremely high to purchase dental supplies on the island and there is no room in the budget to purchase additional masks, gloves, restorative materials, and sterilization bags. One of our goals is to be able to purchase the clinic's yearly list of supplies to minimize the needed trips to the larger city to restock supplies.

The clinic is in desperate need for a new system to take radiographs. We would like to raise funds for a new x-ray system for digital radiographs.

  • chart organization
  • front desk

There is currently no charting system in place to organize the school program patients. Our goal is to partner with the hospital charting staff to build an unused closet into an organized filing system to find charts efficiently.

At this time, the dental assistant is doing all administrative and front desk work. This takes hours per day, thus, keeping the dental assistant from doing their primary job: assisting the doctor with dental procedures. By adding an administrative role to the dental clinic, we will DRASTICALLY increase the flow and speed of the dental clinic allowing the dentists to treat multiple more people per day.  


Long Term Goals

 Prevention. Education. Mentorship. Growth.

1. Prevention 

  • Increase dental disease prevention into both the dental clinic and schools

  • Fluoride treatment

  • Oral Hygiene techniques incorporated into the dental cleaning appointments 

  • Tooth brush, floss, and toothpaste availability for patients after appointment


2. Education

  • Incorporate oral hygiene education into the school system

  • Provide oral health education in waiting room throughout the day

  • Paint a “How to brush your teeth” mural in the waiting room to consistently deliver the message as they wait for their appointment.

  • After appointment educational handouts 


3. Mentorship 
  • Provide mentorship programs for dental providers such as oral hygiene protocols to the hygienist/assistants. 

  • Delivery 1-2 day lecture and workshops on dental procedures to dentists both locally and country-wide

  • Top priority: increase endodontic (root canal) procedure protocol

  • In accordance with the Hopital Bienfasance Task Force, to expand the procedures they offer

4. Growth
  • Advance the procedures offered at the clinic 

  • Add a removable dental clinic lab. Currently patients have NO means of replacing teeth 

  • Expand dental clinic to allow more patients to be seen 

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