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Why our mission is different

Project Haiti Dental is different from other dental missions because of the partnership we have with the Hopital Bienfaisance Dental Clinic operated by Haitians. Our organization is united with their clinic to accomplish the same goals. As satisfying as it is to travel to Haiti and provide dentistry for the patients there, we believe that the ongoing partnership and mentorship program we have established will have longer-lasting impact for the community. By working with the dentists to create a model to become more self sufficient, organized, and efficient, our mission can accomplish one goal of decreasing the negative profit the clinic operates out of each month. Mentorship is of top priority as access to continuing education courses and further training is difficult in rural Haiti. Dr. McLean Severson, DDS, of River Oaks Dental has made training and teaching for the Haitian dentists a priority as he shares resources and training opportunities with the dentists at the Hopital Bienfaisance Dental Clinic. By investing in the dentists’ training, they are able to provide more services to their patients, increase their efficiency and success of the treatment, and improve the lives of patients through functional and aesthetic dentistry.

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