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Why we think the office needs a receptionist

The assistants at the Hopital Bienfaisance Dental Clinic are beyond busy. Their workload of administrative tasks pulls them away from assisting the dentist and keeping the clinic in order. The two dental assistants spend the majority of their day looking in giant stacks of folders for patients charts. The dental clinic runs two parallel dental clinics at the same time with the same supplies: screening and treating students from area schools (for free) and treating paying adult patients. Here’s a quick list of all the jobs the dental assist does:

-prepares room for treatment

- organizes and schedules list of children from school

- fills out paper forms for each student receiving screening

- does screening and works with dentist to determine future treatment

- reschedules child for treatment date (at least 5 months out)

- disinfects and cleans dental operatories

- sterilization of instruments

- develops xrays or runs to hospital to develop panoramic xrays in larger developer

- travels to Port au Prince to purchase supplies

- leaves operatory and treatment area every few minutes to see if a new patient has arrived

- register each patient into the Register for Minister of Health

A receptionist can take on the bulk of these administrative tasks to allow the assistant to do what they are trained to do: assist the dentist in treatment, educate patients, infection control & sterilization, and keep the flow of the office running smoothly.

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